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Meeting Minutes

Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: April 5, 2017

The meeting is called to order at 4:15 pm

Members Present: Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Jack Davis, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Pat Combs, Sharon Yoder, Novella Shuck, Laura Blaker, Jeff Jewett


  1. Recovery of Case Notes
  2. Amended Rainy Day Fund Resolution
  3. Anthem Electronic Billing and Online Payments
  4. Anthem Reimbursement Check
  5. Other

Recovery of Case Notes

Jeff Jewett, president and CEO of NetResults, is here to talk about the recent backup failure that resulted in the loss of Perry Township’s case notes in our TomsWeb computer system. NetResults is the company that the Township has always used for our financial/case management system. Perry Township used to back up everything from the system separately in our office. About a year ago, NetResults moved Perry Township’s data to the Cloud and the backup procedure was moved to the Cloud as well. At this point, the Township ceased to have its own separate backup. On March 13, 2017, NetResults underwent a system update, in which they created a backup, took the TomsWeb server to do updates on it, wiped it clean, and then restored all the data from their backup. However, Perry Township’s case notes were not on the backup, and so all the Township’s notes (from the last 17 years) were completely missing.

After reviewing their system and the incident, NetResults discovered that human error had resulted in the loss of Perry Township’s notes. A single box had been checked manually in the system, stating not to back up Perry Township’s notes when it did a full system backup. This was likely checked by NetResults’s senior programmer Steve Pollum through a backdoor access point while he was working on the system, and then he failed to uncheck it when he completed whatever work he had done. He passed away last year. Jeff states that this type of data loss has not happened in the last 30 years of the company’s existence and they run a system backup daily.

Based on Perry Township’s independent system backups from the past, NetResults was able to recover and restore all of the system’s notes up until April 2016, which is when the backup system shifted to the cloud. The remaining notes, from April 2016 to March 2017, do exist in hard-copy form in the clients’ files in the Township office. What the Board must discuss is an action plan for getting those notes scanned and entered into the computer to restore them into their respective cases.

Dan states that if the case investigators were to just commit to pulling and scanning files in their spare time, it would take a long while to get done, as they don’t have a lot of spare time. However, it is important to go a route that keeps clients’ information confidential. If NetResults were to hire a temp agency to do this work, there is a possibility that a Township client could be going through these cases. Jeff’s preference is for NetResults to pay a premium to have Township employees do this service b/c it guards confidentiality. The Board concurs on this.

As for the process of re-entering the notes, Jeff states that Net Results can take a photocopy of each set of notes and then re-enter these notes into the system. Sharon states that when she talked to Conner about this previously, she understood that the Township could just scan in the notes into NetResults’ computer directly. Jeff says the staples take some time, and a photo may be easier to work with and save time. Discussion is held on different options. Dan emphasized that he wanted the project to entail just directly scanning our hard-copies of the client notes into Conner’s computer, and not making a second hard copy of the notes for NetResults. This way the hard-copies of the notes never leave the Township office, and it saves paper to not create a second hardcopy of each set of notes. Sharon asks if NetResults would be onsite in the Township office and Jeff says yes.

Dan asks how long before the copy-and-scan of the notes can get started. Jeff says they can start as soon as this coming weekend, April 8th or 9th, and would probably only require the one weekend to do it. If necessary, they can complete the work in the evening after Perry Township’s regular hours in the following week. It is estimated it would take them 12 hours total, with NetResults employee Conner and three Township employees working on the project. Jeff states that NetResults can pay the employees working overtime directly, as Sharon states that it would be far more complicated for NetResults to pay the Township, then for the Township to reimburse the workers.

Susie moves they accept the NetResults notes recovery plan in which Township employees are paid by NetResults to scan the Township’s hard-copies of case notes beginning 4/8/17 until the recovery plan is completed. Barb seconds this motion, and all vote “Aye.”

Amended Rainy Day Fund Resolution

At the last board meeting, the board voted to move a total of $100,000 from the Township Assistance and the Township General funds and move them into a Rainy Day fund. Sharon then submitted this action to the Board of Accounts, who then told her that the board can only move money from Township General, Fire, and Cumulating funds into this Rainy Day fund. The transfer of $50,000 from Township Assistance cannot be completed.

Barb moved that the Board amend this resolution to move only $50,000 from the Township General fund into the Rainy Day fund. Susie seconds the motion and all vote “Aye” on the amended resolution.

Discussion is held on potential federal changes to programs affecting township assistance need, due to the new administration. Dan also tells the board that the current ongoing city annexation issue should not affect any Township funds or operation. The Board also discussed the potential Community Development Block Grant cuts.

Anthem Electronic Billing and Online Payments

Anthem contacted the Township office requesting we pay them via electronic billing instead of through check. Sharon states this is not a problem for her to do but would like a verbal resolution for the board signing off on this. Barb moves that they begin paying Anthem via electronic billing, Jack seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye” on the matter.

Anthem Reimbursement Check

Once again, Anthem exceeded their limit on administrative costs per the Affordable Care Act guidelines, so each Township employee will be getting a refund of what they paid in that exceeded administrative limits. Each employee’s refund will vary depending on what they paid in. Sharon would prefer this refund be credited to the employees’ paychecks instead of being a separate paycheck like last time, and she states the Board of Accounts does not care how it is refunded. The Township board does not have any objections to this.

Barb moves that they approve crediting these refunds on the employees’ paychecks, Susie seconds the motion, and all vote “Aye” on the resolution.


No other business.

Barb adjourns the meeting at 5:01pm.