Perry Township - Monroe County, IN

The Decision

Perry Township Offices

What we Need to Decide

You will meet with one of our staff and fill out our application for assistance

You can get a head start by printing the application and being sure you have all the required information before you come. Please don't sign the application before your meeting with our staff. You can do that at the meeting.

How We Decide and Help

We do an intensive client investigation of the situation, environment, and circumstances of your emergency. Perry Township acts as a bridge to help you get out of the emergency situation. We talk with you about your short and long-term needs, as well as put you in touch with private, local, state, and federal organizations that might be able to help. We can also provide immediate assistance for basic living requirements, such as rent, housing, transportation, and food.

Because this is emergency aid, we try to process your applications as quickly as possible.

If you have any other questions, or want to ensure you qualify as a Perry Township resident, just give us a call at (812) 336-3713.

To read the complete Township Guidelines, which are used in determining eligibility for assistance, you can visit our Township Guidelines page.