Perry Township - Monroe County, IN

Annual Reports

Perry Township Offices

2014 - Present

Each year, Perry Township publishes their annual report. The annual reports from 2014 and onward are available to the public at the following link:

Once on this site, click "Search for Reports". The full report is accessible if you select "Annual Financial Report- Full Report", or you can explore the site for more specific information.

2011 - 2013

The reports from 2011-2013 are available at the links below:


Budget for 2015

The budget for 2015 found at the following link:

Perry Township Budget for 2015

Other Budgets

Other budgets can be found at Once on this site, click "Search for Reports".

TA-7 2019 Report

TA-7 2019 Report Page 1 TA-7 2019 Report Page 2