Perry Township - Monroe County, IN

Meeting Minutes

Perry Township Offices

Perry Township Board Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, February 27, 2024

The meeting is called to order at 2:00 pm

Members Present: Jack Davis, Barb Sturbaum, Susie Hamilton, Dan Combs

Non-Members Present: Sharon Yoder, Branden Surigao, Amy Kendall, and Forrest Gilmore


  1. Forrest's Presentation
  2. Long Term Plans for Facilities and Funding
  3. Personnel Policy
  4. Guidelines (Signing Only)
  5. Other

Forrest's Presentation

Forrest presents the new location of the Friend's Place shelter and Beacon as well as the possible layout of the building and parking. Forrest explains that the 2nd floor of the building would have 20 units for permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless disabled people as well as several other units for work exchange units which means that those individuals must perform at least 20 hours of work on the property or within the community per week for their rent of the unit. The administrative offices would be on the second floor as well. The first floor would have the overnight shelter with single bed private spaces of 50 beds with the capacity to expand to 100 beds. The laundry, showers, bathrooms, and family room is right in the center to separate the night shelter from the day center. The Shalom center or day center will be located on the first floor as well as all of the case workers, rapid rehousing, street out reach center, outside resources, kitchen, etc. The budget for this is around $19 million, however they have raised around $14 million. Forrest is proposing the Township sell the current shelter property and donating that money toward the new building. They would be going public with the donations in June of 2024 and ground breaking in 2025 and then opening in fall of 2026.

Long Term Plans for Facilities and Funding

Dan brings up getting real-estate appraisals for each of their properties to find out what each property is actually worth, what the buildings are worth, what condition each is in, what is each going to need over the next 5, 10, 20 years, etc. This would break down what each property is worth to sell or to keep and continue maintaining over the years so the board can make judgements moving forward for each individual property owned by the Township. Branden has contacted a realtor who could get the property appraisals for each property as well as put him in touch with a contractor who is able to get the projected long-term expenses for each property. Dan asks the board to okay signing them both on to contracts to get these figures for the properties. They agree that this is the first step before they can move any further in making any plans for the properties owned by the Township.

Personnel Policy

The board discusses the personnel policy and changes to be made.


The guidelines were updated during the last board meeting but needed to be signed and notarized so this was done.