Perry Township - Monroe County, IN
Perry Township Offices

Resolution 0103092020

WHEREAS, the Governor of Indiana, Eric Holcomb, did declare by Executive Order 20-20 on March 6, 2020 a State of Health Emergency does exist and as affirmed by Indiana State Board of Accounts State Examiner Paul Joyce March 12, 2020 and according to the authority of IC 10-14-3-1 et.seq.,

WHEREAS, the Declaration recognizes the presence of and community spread of the contagious and potentially life-threatening Novel Corona Virus.

WHEREAS, this recognition authorizes Indiana Governmental units to take actions designed to lessen the threat of the contagion for their employees and those who utilize the public services offered by that unit.

WHEREAS, Local Public Health jurisdictions may with the concurrence of the Indiana State Board of Health seek or order quarantines of infectious individuals, or limit movements in public spaces by the citizens of that jurisdiction.

WHEREAS, People so restricted may find themselves in need of food, medicines or other necessities of life as defined by IC 12-20-5 and further defined by Perry Township Trustee Assistance Guidelines.

WHEREAS, under normal circumstances those affected people might seek emergency assistance from the Township of their residence IC 10-14-3-2 (10) establishes Townships as Emergency Management Team Essential Services.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, That until the State of health Emergency is ended by Executive Order, the Trustee or his lawful employee designates may alter the Application for Township Emergency Assistance (SBOA form TA-1) intake procedures to reflect the Governor's concerns for lessening the threat of contagion to all parties:

  1. The Trustee or his lawful employee designate may assist the applicant by accepting the information required of the application by telephone or digital methods. Also, the Trustee may sign the Application (TA1) in lieu of the digital or telephone applicant. Then the Trustee and their Case Investigator(s) may process an application so signed by the Trustee by normal procedures and respond to the applicant in writing (TA1A) regarding their decision within the lawful time frame for such.
  2. That after reaching the lawful conclusion and disposition of the Application, if necessary, the Trustee may purchase by Township voucher/purchase order the requested services or goods and thereupon deliver those goods to the client in an expeditious manner to relieve the stated needs of the Applicant upon the signature of the Trustee or his designee(s).

THIS AUTHORITY shall remain in force until revoked either by the Township Board or the Declaration by the Governor that the Health Emergency Declaration has expired.