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1010 S. Walnut St. , Bloomington, IN 47401
Map and Directions

On Bloomington Transit Bus Route 1 and Route 7, Or use Bloomington Access transportation service for persons with disabilities.

Assistance hours: Mon - Fri, 9am - 3pm
Business office hours: Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm

Apply for Emergency Assistance

For people who have encountered sudden and severe hardship. You are not alone. We may be able to help.
Steps you through the whole process

About Perry Township Government

Information about Perry Township – it's people, programs and resources. Plus answers to many questions about our township.
Who, what, where and why about Perry Township government

Links to Programs and Government Services

There are lots of organizations and government programs that have been designed to help people. Here's a list of many of them.
Lots of other places that might be able to help you

Emergency Assistance | About Perry Township | Links | Poor Relief Guidelines | Application for Township Assistance
Stuff you should bring to a meeting requesting assistance (Verification List) | Mother Hubbard's Cupboard | Community Kitchen
Perry Township Emergency Assistance - Who receives it, How much they get, Where they live - A powerpoint presentation
2013 Perry Township Annual Report | 2015 Proposed Budget | City of Bloomington | Monroe County

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